Some of the nice (and not so nice) things people have said about me.

…with a soaring soundtrack.” The Sunday Times Captive: The Sex Slave Girl
A soundtrack growling with Inception levels of portent.” The Independent
A musical genius.” The Scotsman
Thanks for all your brilliant work. Once again your music has been outstanding.” Ewen Thomson, Series Director World's Most Dangerous Roads
The music of Nick Harvey, a bundle of irreverent, creative energy that can hardly be contained.” South China Morning Post
Hugely talented and creative, able to work to ridiculous deadlines, on top of his game technically, always able to take on a brief and deliver what’s wanted, completely unflappable, can write in pretty much any musical genre, and a truly lovely person to work with.” Neil Gorringe, Creative Director E4
He dried up really quickly, but what could we do? We’d signed him up for the series.” Chris Moyles
Another blindingly good job. What a fantastic talent you have for creating music that is always original, giving each programme within the series its own distinct character. Great work!” Matt Bennett, Series Producer Extreme World
Your stuff’s too good for television.” Rob Farquhar, Producer/Director Agony and Ecstasy
Thanks for writing such beautiful and memorable music for The Illustrated Mum.” John Richmond, Commissioning Editor Channel 4
He is an inspiring and generous collaborator who always delivers so much more than we hoped for. I have enjoyed every second of working with him on some very different dramas and documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4.” Hilary Durman, Producer Redbird Productions
He’s one of the best and most original music composers around.” Richard McKerrow, Creative Director Love Productions
Whatever Harvey is on, I want some!” Hong Kong Standard